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About us
The Vivo Sano Foundation is an independent and private non- profit organisation, which is health orientated.  It was officially established in 2011.

Our objective is to create a healthier society, where people feel good in all aspects of their lives, enjoy good physical and mental health, maintain constructive relationships and live in a healthy environment. In order to achieve this, we act on different levels:
  Health Education  
    Promoting healthy habits for the body, mind and our surroundings.  
  We provide free talks and a variety of seminars aimed at the general public.
    Via our web pages, blogs, social networking and online television, we   disseminate information concerning global health.
    We publish educational books and also have our own magazine, Vivo Sano.
  New health model  
    We are promoting a new health care model which consists of effective and non-aggressive therapies.  
  We consolidate professional input via congresses and expeditions, both nationally and internationally.
  We facilitate the access to this model for all citizens, focusing on the care of those who are less fortunate than others.
  Political Actions  
    We are vigilant so as to ensure that institutions and legislators prioritize citizens´ health before any other matter.  
  We initiate awareness campaigns on both national and international levels, such as Escuela sin wifi, (Schools without Wi-Fi) Hogar Sin Tóxicos (A toxin -free household) and la Semana sin pesticidas (Pesticides action week).
  We establish meetings with institutions and political representatives on a national and European level.
  We provide legal advice in cases of environmental damage caused by toxins, radiation or technologies produced by human activities.
Vision and Mission
To ensure that people live more happily, for longer, in a better state of health and in healthy environments.  Living together in more ethical societies.
We aim to take a preventive approach, to support research, training and the dissemination of knowledge with regards to lifestyle choices, products, therapies and services that are beneficial to the health.  We also uphold care intervention and a legal framework for health defence.  To emphasize the responsibility that each person has over their  general health, with regards to their body, their mind, the environment, relationships and organization.
Board of Trustees
Jose Maria Hernández
Ángeles Navarro Cendón
Board member
Maria del Mar Esteso de Lucas
Board member
José Sanguino
Board member
Juan Antonio Gómez Bule
Board member
Alfredo Suárez Sánchez
Ignacio de Castro Cortizo
Project Manager
Irina de la Flor
Business Ethics Director
Ana Rueda
Head of training
Carlos de Prada
Chemical area Director
Raúl de la Rosa
Electromagnetic pollution area Director

Campaings and Projects
Environmental health in schools

Children Living Happier, More Time, healthier, in Healthy Places
Environmental Health in School is an Education Program to rise awareness about Environment Influence on Our Health,  and to promote  Healthy Habits for our children. See more.

Endocrine disruptors (EDCs)
EDCs are chemical substances that can affect our hormonal system, mimic our own hormones and sending confusing messages to our body. All of us are exposed to these substances that may cause many health problems. See more.

Hogar sin Toxicos Campaign
The exposure to toxic substances within the home could be the origin of multiple health problems. These can range from cancer to asthma, and even reproductive problems or cognitive impairments in children. Hogar sin Toxicos claims to prevent these problems by reducing the toxins to which we can become exposed within the home. See more.

Escuela sin wifi (School without Wi-Fi)
Escuela sin wifi   aims to ensure that children in education have safe and secure internet access, with no harm being done to their health. To achieve this, we stand for a rational use of technology, we insist on the application of the precautionary principle and we demand that the Wi-Fi in educational centres is substituted for another form of technology which doesn’t risk any unnecessary exposure to potentially dangerous electromagnetic fields. See more.

Lo mejor de mí (The best of me)
Discover you potential, apply it to your life at present and create a better future. An online application that can help you to train your happiness. The physical preparation is done in the gym, your happiness is a by-product of your mind-set; enter the gymnasium of your own mind and practice. See more.

Yo cambio el mundo cambiándome yo (I change the world by changing myself)
We offer those people who belong to businesses and organisations a combination of tools, knowledge and experiences which are key to producing a true personal transformation, and  will allow them to develop their work in a more ethical and efficient manner. See more.

Semana sin pesticidas (Pesticides action week)
Semana sin Pesticidas is an annual international campaign which is celebrated during the first ten days of spring. Its target is to raise awareness throughout these initial days of spring about the impact of pesticides on our health and the environment, as well as promoting healthy alternatives. See more.

Documental La letra pequeña (In small print documentary)
In “La letra pequeña”, we teach you how the chemical substances with which we are in contact every day can have an affect our health.  A lot of these substances have a direct effect on our hormonal system, altering its function. These substances are scientifically labelled endocrine disruptors. See more.

Congresses and conferences
We are promoting a new health care model based on effective and non-aggressive therapies.  For this, we arrange congresses and conferences in order to consolidate the health care professionals and facilitate access to this new model for the general public, focusing in particular on the care of the most vulnerable of people.

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